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Reunion Agenda


Cast and Crew Reunion at the Stardust Agenda Sunday September 10, 2006

          Dress attire: cocktail or evening wear


  • 2:30pm - terrace bar for reunion members only to begin meeting

  • 4:30pm - cocktail reception begins

  • 6:00pm - Gourmet Chef's Buffet with drinks


                                                                 Mariano Longo Quartet

                                                     This Joint is jumping / Singers & Dancers

                       Notorious / Legendary & Glamorous Ladies from Lido de Paris & Enter the Night

                                                                 5 Decades of Entertainment:                           

                                            Welcome: Lou Anne Harrison Chessik & Terry Lovern

                                                   "We're still here" Jennifer Page & Austin Ray


1. C’Est Magnifique Jul-58
2. Ca C’est L’Amour Jun-59
3. Avec Plasir  Oct-60
4. Voila! Mar-62
5. Bravo! Oct-63
6. Quelle Nuit May-65
7. Grand Prix Oct. 1966-April 1968
Star Performers /Starlight Lounge
Decade Speakers-  
Gillian Kabet & Jim Hodge  
   Jill & Lenny Rader  


8. Tout Paris May 1968-April 1970
9. Pourquoi Pas? May 1970-Dec1972
10. Pariscope Dec-72
11. Merci Beaucoup! May-75
Bare Touch of Vegas & Star performers/ Starlight Lounge
Decade Speakers -  
Wayne Albritian & Heather Victerson  
Stan Melvin & Shirley Allen  
The Vilante's: Don Thompson& Scott Beldin


12. Allez Lido!  December 1977-March 1991
Sassy Class & Star Performers/Starlight Lounge
Decade Speakers -  
Barbara Beverly   
Donnie Sachs Gilbranson  
Gorden Cornish Piano
Carl Lindstrom Singer
Kenny Maslow Singer/Dancer


12. Allez Lido!  December 1977-March 1991
Enter the Night July 1991- December 1999
Star performers /Starlight Lounge
Thunder From Down Under:  Escorts and dancers
Decade Speakers -  
Aki Levin  
Austin Ray  
Kenny Kerr  


 Enter the Night  
 Havana Night Club  
 Rick Thomas  
 Headlights and Tailpipes  
 Endless Star Celebrities in the Stardust Theatre
Star performers /Starlight Lounge
Decade Speaker / Singer  
"Little" Peggy March  

                                                       History of the Stardust :  Bill Boyd

                                                  Future of Echelon Place: Bob Boughner

                                                        Acknowledgements & Tributes:

                                                Lou Anne Harrison Chessik & Terry Lovern

                                                       Time Flys: Singer- Doug Gardener



  • A Documentary video of past shows

  • tribute banner to people that have passed away

  • backstage tours

  • Drawing for Terry Ritter print from ticket purchase: Winner, Lesley Bandy

  • 12:00am - say goodbye to the Stardust & old friends

  • Terrace bar open until 2:30 am

      RSVP Check-in with name tags