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April 2013 "Hallelujah Hollywood!" Reunion

Friday April 5, 6pm to 11pm

Las Vegas Bally's Jubilee showroom


This is the guest list as of March 31, 2013 in alphabetical order:




Bentley Manos 


Quinaux Simmons


Smith Schober






































Casey Park




 Burdorf Ryan


Duckworth Varney

Dr. Howard











Trombley Robinson






Schuler Bright




























Davis Wasserman




Riegel Colman


Brocker Fisher




























De Souza




Faye O'leary Baker


Vincenti -Maynard








Mackensie Pratt 






















Dunlop Cumming




Boultin Smith  


Vivian West


McCarthy Tobey







Tricia Lee 





Luker Ward



Please let me know if you name is spelled incorrectly, I am creating the name tags.                                   Thanks-


A very special thanks to the Las Vegas News Bureau, they have printed out some black and white photos from their ¡°Hallelujah Hollywood¡± achieves for us to enjoy, reminisce & identify people for historical purposes.

Jason Reddock has taken it upon himself to organize a Reunion for us 40 years to the day that Hallelujah Hollywood opened. It will be in the showroom, with substantial passed appetizers & Champagne.

Tickets are $125.00 per person and can be purchased at the door the day of the event.

For questions call Jason at: (917) 701-5204

You can also find information and some great photos on the Facebook page "Hallelujah Hollywood"

We got some feedback/questions about  seating arrangements in the showroom. The kings row booths sit 52 people according to the showroom charts online, and there are 25, 4 top tables in the pit. 

I know Jason is planning to put tables in the pit for the food, but I imagine there will be room to keep some of the 4 top tables, and he assured me arrangements would be made for the folks that need comfortable

seating. The rest of the showroom has been converted into theatre seating. All in all- lots of room to mingle.

Can't wait to see you all there!




Original cast from the opening of the show in April 1974.............



First page of original cast and program April 1974



(Production Staff from original program April 1974....I've cropped some of these pages so you can read them.( Kathy Kroll)


"2013 Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition & Costume Exhibition" 

Can you believe this is the seventh year of the Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition. The presentation will be in the Las Vegas Academy Black Box theatre Friday April 19, 11:00am to 12:30pm. Wes Winters will join us and perform from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. The show will debut this year at the Las Vegas Art Factory in July along with some beautiful showgirl costumes.


"2012 Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition & Costume Exhibition" 

For the sixth year of the Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition Presentation we met in the Black Box theatre at the Las Vegas Academy. We were thrilled to have Diane Palm, the Bally's Jubilee stage manager, and Michael Pratt, the Hallelujah Hollywood assistant stage manager join our presentation. Las Vegas Academy student Lyssa Park was the 2012 first place winner, her painting is currently hanging with the Vegas Style exhibit at the Nevada State Museum.


"2011 Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition & Costume Exhibition"

The Las Vegas Academy for the performing arts opened up their classroom April 29th, 2011 to artists in the community to come and join us in a historical presentation of the production shows and a live showgirl in costume to sketch.

There was not enough artwork submitted in 2011 for a show, but we are anticipating that 2012 will be a great year!


The "2010 Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition Winners"

 Debuted at the Las Vegas Nevada State Museum September 15 December 5

and Barnes & Nobel December 6 - January 20, 2010


The vision of the ¡°Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition¡±

is to capture the spirit of the Showgirl & production shows for which

Las Vegas is world famous.

This is the seventh year for the Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition (LVSAC); Artwork generated from the Art Competition first became an exhibition in 2007 and was embraced by the staff at the Nevada Historical Society in Reno. They saw the historical value of the Showgirl Legacy and agreed to host the show. The LVSAC was promoted through the schools and in the arts community in both Las Vegas and Reno, but it was Miss Mabel, an art teacher with the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts, that embraced the project and encouraged her senior students to explore the rich history of the showgirl. Twenty pieces of art were chosen, and renowned local Artist Terry Ritter offered three pieces to be shown. The project continued to grow, and Karen Burns, with Karen Burns Productions included pieces from her special collection of MGM "Hello Hollywood Hello" costumes. The Reno Community was delighted with the live Showgirls that greeted them at the opening reception, as well as the stunning combination of art and costumes.

LVSAC was also honored to have New York Times writer Patti Brown and photographer Jim Wilson, who flew in for the opening reception to capture the allure of the Showgirl in their story that was featured in the first section, in color,  of the New York Times and was picked up on the national and international level. The Exhibition continued to travel and was on display at the Water Street Art Gallery in historic downtown Henderson, owned by College of Southern Nevada history professor Fred Sigman. It hung at the West Charleston Barnes & Noble and was part of a fundraiser for the Las Vegas Academy that included a book signing of "The Stardust of Yesterday" by Heidi Knapp Rinella and edited by Mike Weatherford. It also displayed at the "Second Annual Cast and Crew Reunion" at the Orleans Hotel/Casino and was included in the "Classic Las Vegas, Showgirls, Fashion & Art" event at the Fashion Outlets in Primm, Nevada.

The 2008 LVSAC  was again featured seasonally at the Reno Historical Society and debuted at the Las Vegas Nevada State Museum & Historical Society for nearly a year, including costumes from Karen Burns' productions collection and a working Bally's Jubilee! Costume by Bob Mackie. The opening night included a panel of entertainers along with the "Third Annual Cast and Crew Reunion" guests. United Press writer Kathleen Hennessey wrote a stellar article about the Nevada State Museum show which was featured by CNN news and traveled around the world.

The 2009 LVSAC was on display for the third year at the Nevada Historical Society in Reno, and the West Charleston Barnes & Noble with a fundraiser for the Las Vegas Academy and included an appearance of a contemporary Showgirl.

In 2010, the program downsized due to the state of the economy and focused solely on the LVA, because of  its historical role as a lead partner since inception and  its inclusion of the Showgirl Art Competition as a part of the Academy's  innovative curriculum. Miss Mabel opened up the Junior class presentation to the community with a working art event which  included a live Showgirl/model, past performer invited guests who related  their former entertainment experiences as well as sponsors and friends. The artwork you see on display was generated from the LVA class, LVA graduates and some guest artists.

LVSAC looks forward to 2011 with a highly focused art experience reflecting the traditional Showgirl, the continuing elevation of the quality/creativity of these works of  art and increased student and community artist participation. We are pleased to express our appreciation to the artists, sponsors and supporters-past and present-for the success of this program!

Past Sponsors:

Technology Exclusive

Nevada State Museum & Historical Society

Barnes & Noble

Karen Burns Productions

Cindy Doumani

Terry Ritter

Kell & Nancy Houssels

Carolyn Sparks

Bank of America

Denny Weddle & Associates

Escobar & Associates

Nevada Historical Society, Reno

Coldwell Banker: Diane Varney Realtor

Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors

UNLV Special Collections Department

Dr. Rex Lui, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

LIDO Paris

Las Vegas Academy Presenters:

Linda Spinks

Daryl Roth

Terry Ritter

Jerry Blank

Diane Varney

Michael Mackensie Pratt

Diane Palm


Cathy Cobert

Angela Falivena

Tara Edmonds

Alexandra Zevalking

Special Guest appearance:

Wes Winters

Our Media Supporters:

The Las Vegas Review Journal

The Las Vegas View

Mike Weatherford

New York Times: Patti Brown & Jim Wilson

The United Press: Kathleen Hennessey

Post Notes; Laura Post

Call Back Magazine


2013 Showgirl Art Competition information/ how to submit your artwork

2010 Showgirl Art Competition articles


2009 Showgirl Art Competition & Costume Exhibition

The Las Vegas Academy for the Performing Arts collection of  Showgirl Art (2007-2009)was on display December 5th 2009 - February 5, 2010 as part of a Fundraiser for the Academy at Barnes & Noble on West Charleston & Rampart.

The "2009 Showgirl Art Competition & Costume Exhibition" also debuted at the

 Las Vegas Nevada State Museum and Reno Historical Society.

2009 Showgirl Art Competition

 2008-09 Showgirl Art Competition

 2008-09 Showgirl Art Articles


 Marketing and Sponsorship  opportunities



Lou Anne Harrison Chessik, producer

contact information

(702) 243-6329

Installed 2/2/2007


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